How To Get Started With Facebook Ads

  Want to run Facebook ads but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic. I’ve got your back. Below you’ll find 40 tutorial videos showing you how to get started with paid advertising on Facebook. I suggest you watch the videos first instead of going in blind and trying to figure it out on your […]

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FUYA Friday Episode #1

  Hello! Welcome to FUYA Friday – Episode #1. FUYA stands for ‘fire under your ass’ … which is what these videos are supposed to do. To light a blaze under your behind. I started this series of videos for my Facebook group… but I’m sharing them here for those who detest social media. TAKE […]

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How to Build Recurring Income with Wishlist Member

  I’ll be honest. I bought the training below for myself. But since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll share it with you here. You’re welcome. If you’re looking to build a membership site, WishList Member is one of the best membership software you could use. Being the respectable marketer that I am, I bought […]

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How To Boost Your Revenue With Thrivecart

  In the few years that I’ve been bumbling around online, I can’t say that I did anything worthy of mention… BUT buying Thrivecart was one of the smartest decisions I ever made! Using platforms like WarriorPlus or JVZoo is fine if you’re doing big launches and you need more affiliates and all the reporting/stats, […]

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How To Create & Brand Your Business Using Canva

  Guess what? Yup… the featured images used in my blog posts are created with Canva.  And despite my rotten art skills, the images still look relatively respectable. Of course, you may be able to do way better. But first, you need to know how to use this cool site… and guess what? Nope, I’m […]

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Insider Secrets to Launching Your Own Internet Marketing Products

  OK! Creative ol’ Arun made a meme yesterday. Yes, yes… I’m hilarious. You’re welcome. But here’s the thing… this meme hits the nail right on the head. Almost always, when I’m speaking to someone who has been fiddling away online for a while and hasn’t made a cent – I know exactly how the […]

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Thinking of Becoming a PLR Seller? – Read This First!

  I initially published the post below on my Facebook wall. It got quite a few likes and engagement. So, I decided to post it here too. Always get maximum mileage from your content.  Let’s get started… One of the most common misconceptions in the ‘make money online niche’ is that many people think that […]

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Email Marketing: How to Get Better & Faster Results with GetResponse

  Can’t get any response with your GetResponse emails? Don’t panic. I’ve added 40 tutorial videos below showing you all the ins and out of using it, and how to get faster and better results with it. I’ve actually been using GetResponse for a couple of years now. It’s a love-hate relationship. For the most […]

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How to Automate Engagement with Aweber

  Confession time – I don’t use Aweber. I used to, but they pulled some API bullshit a few years ago and I ditched them for GetResponse. I think they’ve restored that feature now. Anyhoo… Aweber is waaay better than most of the self-hosted autoresponder software sold by dodgy marketers. Half these mofos don’t even […]

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7 Mistakes PLR Buyers Make… and How to AVOID Them

  Time for a truth bomb – Most people who buy PLR will not make a cent from their purchase. Yes, you read me right. Forget what the sales pages tell you about slapping your name on the product, selling it as your own and keeping 100% of the profits. Most buyers won’t even make […]

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