7 Mistakes PLR Buyers Make… and How to AVOID Them

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Time for a truth bomb – Most people who buy PLR will not make a cent from their purchase. Yes, you read me right.

Forget what the sales pages tell you about slapping your name on the product, selling it as your own and keeping 100% of the profits.

Most buyers won’t even make 1%… And I’ll tell you why.

It all comes down to 7 common mistakes that they make. I’ve seen this over and over and over… and over again. Someone is probably making one right now as you’re reading this.

So… what are their mistakes?


Mistake #1: They are PLR Hoarders

This is the biggest mistake of the lot. PLR buyers looooove to buy PLR a bit too much.

They usually don’t have a solid plan for what they’re about to buy… but they buy anyway… and they keep buying and buying and buying.

They always tell themselves, “I’ll buy it now, and it will help me in future.”

When future does arrive, all they’ve done is buy 12 other PLR packs.

The first one is still collecting virtual dust in their hard drive which has now become a PLR graveyard.

The key to making money with PLR is to USE THE PLR YOU’VE BOUGHT as soon as you can.

Speed is everything. The longer you take, the lower your chances of ever using the PLR. It’s just human nature.

Stop stocking up on PLR like someone hoarding toilet paper for an impending World War 3.

Let me give you an example… ahem… based on true events.

A few days ago, I decided to publish a blog post, but I was too lazy to write one myself. So, I found some decent PLR content that another seller was selling.

I went to my good friend, April Lemarr, and asked for her affiliate link to buy it because I always support my friends.

I got her link, published the content on my blog and made it all look interesting… and posted the link on Facebook within 2 hours. You can see the post here.

It was done so fast that even April was stunned.

See… my blog post looks good, the post on Facebook got some engagement and I don’t need to think about using the content at a future date. It’s done and dusted.

Use what you buy, and buy what you’ll use. Get it over and done with ASAP.

Lesson: Do not buy any new PLR if you don’t have a plan for it.


Mistake #2: They Don’t Have a Strong Grasp of the Mechanics

Buying a biz-in-a-box is one thing… and turning that imaginary box into a real business is a whole ‘nother thing.

So many PLR buyers don’t even have the basic skills to make money with their PLR… and yet, they keep buying more and more PLR.

They don’t know how to set up a blog. They’re clueless about pointing their domain nameservers to their hosting and so on.

They don’t know their ass from their elbows about setting things up… and it’s these skills that are crucial for one to take the PLR they’ve bought and actually turn it into content that can be monetized.

You don’t make money from one PLR pack by buying another PLR pack.

You MUST spend time in the trenches learning the fundamentals if you want to succeed with PLR.

Like the Greek poet, Archilochus once said, ““We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

Train yourself well!

I’ve even created an entire FREE training showing you how to do it step-by-step – How To Set Up Your Biz-In-A-Box PLR (Without Going Insane!)

Lesson: Master the basics first, then buy PLR.


Mistake #3: They Don’t Know How To Slant Their Content

Knowing how to slant your content will give you much more flexibility and freedom to use the content that you’ve purchased.

Let’s assume you’re in the weight loss niche for men. So you have a bundle of weight loss PLR that you’ve thrown up on your blog. You need more content. What now?

You just saw Tiffany Lambert release a PLR bundle on back pain. Gasp! You want it but you don’t know what to do with it.

EEKS! Calm down, my easily agitated reader. The answer is simple. Slant the content.

Millions of overweight people tend to have back pain too because of the stress on their back muscles. Get Tiffany’s content, rewrite parts of it and angle the content to suit your weight loss niche.

The guy who is reading about the weight loss content on your site may be interested in high intensity cardio training too. Guess you can use that HIIT PLR now.

He may also want motivation to stay on track. Bring out the self-help PLR.

Once he sheds the excess pounds, he may need a program to build his muscles. Ahh… never underestimate vanity. Unleash your muscle building PLR!

And he’s not building the muscles for himself. No no… he wants to impress the women… ahh.. he needs content that shows him how to hook up women and date them. Dating PLR… yawn.

But what happens when they dump him? … ahh… he needs content on getting his ex back or something. I’ve said ahh too many times.

The point to note here is that NOTHING exists in isolation.

One thing leads to another… and how you market to the same buyers depends on the journey you take them through and how you segment them on your list.

What you need to understand is that you’re not only limited to content that’s directly related to your niche.

You’ll be amazed at how you can tie in many of the existing PLR packs you’ve already bought with the niche you’re currently in.

You may be in the weight loss niche but you will be able to use PLR from many different topics: pain relief, bodyweight training, HIIT, stability training, self-help and motivation, clean eating, inflammation, and on and on.

Lesson: Find slants and angles for your PLR. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Mistake #4: They Buy Rubbish PLR

Every now and then, I see a retard who says that all PLR is crap. This blanket statement is not entirely wrong, but it’s not entirely correct either.

There are several good PLR sellers around. This is the problem – the lousy ones are in the majority.

I’ve mentioned a few of the best PLR sellers I know. Just see the right sidebar on this blog and be enlightened.

Before buying any PLR, it’s important that you understand something – Not all PLR is created equal.

There are 2 types of PLR sellers:

  • Those who are writers and create their own content
  • Those who can’t write their way out of a paper bag (and outsource the writing to cheap freelancers)

It’s crucial that you know this.

Generally, the ones who write their own content are way better than those who are outsourcing the content… and I’ll tell you why.

The PLR sellers like Tiffany Lambert, Susie O’Dea, Sue Fleckenstein, etc. who write the PLR do their research. The facts are accurate and their content is always good. The quality and the style of writing is consistent.

If the PLR seller has a strong command of the language, even if they outsource the content, they’ll be able to judge if the writing is acceptable and be able to fix the content if its not up to par.

The guys who are not writers and outsource the content to third-rate writers are usually clueless.

Their grasp of the language is weak and even if the freelancer delivers rubbish, these guys can’t tell the difference.

They couldn’t even rewrite and make it better if they wanted to because they lack the skills. All they know how to do is hire the cheapest writers so that their profit margins are high.

What you get is poorly researched content, inaccurate facts. bad grammar and a style that’s inconsistent – sometimes different freelancers are used and the PLR bundle is cobbled together like a Frankenstein with a gender identity crisis.

True story time.

I used to offer a PLR rewriting service a few years ago… and I’ve had content from many different PLR sellers sent to me for rewriting. Saying that I was stunned to see the absolute rubbish some of these guys were selling would be an understatement.

There was one particular piece that was so bad, I declined to rewrite it. Too much effort and I almost forgot my own English while reading that ebook.

The lady who purchased the PLR was very disappointed. So, I actually approached the PLR seller who sold this pile of crap to tell him that the content was atrocious and that his customer was disappointed.

He replied that it was up to her to get it rewritten since she had PLR rights to it. This attitude encapsulates the situation perfectly. A lot of these guys just don’t give a shit.

They’re in it for the money.

You’ve gotta be smarter than them.

Caveat emptor. It means buyer beware. The burden is on you to to be discerning when it comes to buying PLR.

Always ask yourself, “Is this PLR seller helping me with anything… or is he only selling me shit?” – That’s the litmus test.

Almost all the good PLR sellers have a ton of other free content to help their PLR buyers with their marketing.

A lot of the shoddy and shitty PLR content that’s released into the marketplace come with fancy ecovers, graphics and packaging.

Don’t be one of the clueless buyers who lap it all up without knowing better.

Good content is king online.

If you use poor content, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

Your readers will not take you seriously and you can’t be an authority in your niche if your content is replete with grammar mistakes and poor sentence construction.

Lesson: Buy PLR from reputable sellers and do your research before buying.


Mistake #5: They Don’t Rewrite or Rebrand Their PLR

Some PLR sellers will tell you that there’s no need to rewrite the PLR… and others will tell you that you need to.

I’m here to tell you that it depends on the situation.

There are really only 2 reasons to rewrite your PLR:

  1. You’re using it on your blog or other web properties where you want it to be unique for SEO purposes
  2. You want to inject your style, flavor, personality, whatever you want to call it, into the content

If you’re thinking about SEO, then rewriting your PLR articles will help make your content look unique in Google’s eyes and get you ranked in the SERPS.

This will not apply if you’re selling a PLR ebook. So you won’t need to rewrite the book. As I said earlier – it depends on the situation.

I’ve created a FREE training to show you how to rewrite PLR content. You can see it here.

Rebranding your PLR is absolutely necessary if you’re using one of the biz-in-a-box PLR bundles.

This is non-negotiable. In fact, it’s so important that I even wrote a book showing you how to do it.

Guess what? – The damn book is free too.

You can download it here.

I swear I can’t give you more to help you out. It’s all here for you, if you will only use the resources. 🙄

Lesson: Differentiate yourself from the masses and make your content unique when it matters!


Mistake #6 – They Undervalue the Content

Another common mistake PLR buyers make is to buy a PLR product that has resell rights and offer it for sale for $1.95 or some other ridiculously low price.

When you purchase a biz-in-a-box PLR package, your goal should be to sell it to the end consumer.

For example, if you bought a Keto Diet PLR bundle, you want to sell the ebook for $9.95 or $17 to people who are interested in the keto diet. They are your target market.

You don’t want to be selling resell rights to it for $2 to other marketers who will then try to sell it for 50 cents to other marketers who will then barter trade it with other marketers for free bananas!

That’s NOT how you do it.

Lesson: Sell your product to the end consumer and charge what it’s worth.


Mistake #7: They Don’t Know Traffic Generation

This is probably the biggest obstacle that most marketers face when using PLR.

They’ve set up their blogs and their sales page with the ebook for sale (that they yanked out from the biz-in-a-box box)… and everything looks good.

Problem: No one cares and they’re not getting any traffic.

I’m going to explain traffic to you in a simple way. It’s how I see it… and others may disagree, but to hell with them. His Excellency Arun is right.

Here’s what you need to know: You are almost ALWAYS siphoning traffic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using free or paid methods. You’re always siphoning it from elsewhere, usually the big sites that get massive traffic.

If you rank in the Google search results, you’re siphoning traffic from Google. People went on Google to learn something and they found you through the search results.

The same applies to Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and all the other huge sites where people congregate. You’re always driving traffic from these big sites to your web properties.

Even if you’re using paid traffic, this principle holds true.

Once you understand this, you’ll realize that to get traffic to your web properties, you’ll need to go to places that get a ton of traffic and siphon some of it to your own sites.

Here’s where most newbies make a mess of things – they barely do anything.

They’re so busy setting up their blog and all the other stuff that when they’re done, they actually think they’re finished and sales are going to come pouring in.

They fail to realize that that is not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. It’s just the end of the beginning.

From here on, they need to pick one traffic source and master it. If you wish to do video marketing, go all out and become good at it.

Do not diversify too much. Focus is what matters.

If you’re using FB groups, always strive to post engaging stuff and interact with your followers.

NEVER spread your efforts out too thin when driving traffic.

Whenever I speak to a subscriber on my list who is having issues with traffic, I always ask them what they’ve done… and the answer is always “Nothing”… or if they did something, it was barely enough.

It takes time for free traffic methods to gain momentum. Paid traffic is faster, but there’s still a learning curve and you will lose money initially.

Either way, it takes time and constant work. So, just pick one traffic method, focus on it, work at it and master it.

That’s really all there is to it. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll definitely be able to cash in with your PLR.

It works, if you work it. Now get to work.


~ Arun

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    I’ve been creating a product for a while and — just today — I got stuck with a part of Module 2 about “Confidence”.

    Then, I realized, “Hmmm! I have some PLR from a very good source…” and I found quite a bit PLR for confidence and self-esteem!

    Now, tomorrow I plan to rewrite the info and make a video with it! Now, my week-long problem is solved.

    Can’t do that for the rest of the program I’m making, but for those areas that I could use a “boost”, the PLR is perfect! 🙂

      • Arun
      • January 30, 2019


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