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FUYA Friday Episode #1

  Hello! Welcome to FUYA Friday – Episode #1. FUYA stands for ‘fire under your ass’ … which is what these videos are supposed to do. To light a blaze under your behind. I started this series of videos for my Facebook group… but I’m sharing them here for those who detest social media. TAKE […]

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How to Save a Sales Page (or Any Page) as a PDF in 5 Minutes – Absolutely Free!

It’s your lucky day. You get to hear my droning Indian voice again. I’ve recorded a short video showing you how to save any web page online as a PDF. This is especially useful for creating a folder of sales page swipes, etc. Watch the video and revel in the good ol’ Arun irreverence as […]

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How to Set Up Your ‘Biz-In-A-Box’ PLR (Without going insane!)

You thought the day would never come, didn’t you? Well, it has! … I’ve finally completed a detailed training showing you how to take a ‘biz-in-a-box’ PLR bundle and set it up completely. Nothing is left to chance and it’s all here!     Rest assured that even though the training below is 100% FREE, […]

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How to Add a Countdown Timer to Your Emails (Absolutely FREE!)

If you’ve always wondered how marketers add countdown timers inside their emails, guess what? You’re going to find out now. I’ve made a short 6-minute video showing you how you can add urgency in your marketing emails by adding these timers quickly and easily… and you can do it for FREE. Watch the video below […]

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His excellency Arun presents

How To Build a PLR Store In 5 Steps!

Want to create your very own PLR store?  The videos below are ALL you need! Period. Do note that while I’ve broken it down into 5 steps, each step has several little tasks that must be completed for your store to materialize. I understand that videos 3, 4 and 5 are longer than your average […]

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How to Rebrand Your PLR in 3 EASY Steps!

Yes, I’m back with another set of training videos. One can never have too much Arun in their life. In the case study below, I’ll take a ‘biz-in-a-box’ PLR package and give it a brand new look in just 3 steps. You’ll discover how important rebranding is after watching the videos below.   Introduction: The […]

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How to Personalize Your PLR and Stand Out From the Herd!

I’ll keep this short… because I’ve done enough talking in the videos below. Yes, I finally decided to make a few videos, after 3+ years of online marketing. In the case study below, you’ll see how I take a PLR article, rewrite it a little, add it to my blog and make it all look […]

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