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One of the BEST Courses I’ve Ever Bought!

About a year or so ago, I purchased Susie and Kate Rieger’s ‘From Overwhelmed To Mastery‘. Check Out From Overwhelmed To Mastery This is a niche site training course that’s gives you a solid foundation in building niche sites that rank and how to monetize them. After buying this course, I was too busy to […]

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How I Made $780 in One Day By Telling The Trewth

Don’t panic! This is NOT one of those slimy sales pages that claim to have a… “Newbie Friendly Method That Turns $2 into $4,763.95 Every 6 Minutes – Even if You Don’t Have Experience, Traffic, a Computer or Electricity!” Nope… that’s not how I roll. In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly what […]

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Hosted Safe Review | 15 Crucial Web Hosting Questions

This Hosted Safe review is something that I’ve been planning to write since the start of the year… 7 months later and finally I have the time to do it. Not because I was busy… just pure laziness. Before I go any further, let me say that I’m currently with 3 web hosting companies – […]

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Want To Rank Your Videos? Follow This Checklist!

Video marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your sites, blogs, etc. Yet, most fail at it – because they NEVER get the fundamentals right. My good friend and one of the most honest marketers I know, Adam Payne, from Video Marketing Insider (VMI) has generously given me a checklist to […]

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How to Build Your List Without Doing a Thing! (Well… maybe just one thing.)

About 2 weeks ago (from the date I’m writing this post), I came across something that was supposed to passively add subscribers to my list. It was literally a set it up once and forget about it kind of thing. Basically, it was a plugin that would work in the background quietly adding targeted leads. […]

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How I Created a 3,415-Word Report in 15 Minutes!

Wow! My first blog post and my very own domain name (named after me which effectively guarantees that no one else will remember how to spell it.) Watch out! I’m coming up in this world. I just need to remember to pay my hosting on time. Anyway, if you’re on my list, you’d have received […]

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