FUYA Friday Episode #1

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Hello! Welcome to FUYA Friday – Episode #1.

FUYA stands for ‘fire under your ass’ … which is what these videos are supposed to do. To light a blaze under your behind.

I started this series of videos for my Facebook group... but I’m sharing them here for those who detest social media.

TAKE NOTE: Facebook is a noisy platform. These videos are politically incorrect, irreverent and borderline NSFW at times. That’s just how it has to be to get attention on the platform.

If you’re easily offended, these videos are NOT for you.

However, if you want a laugh, these videos have your name written all over them. Watch at your own risk…


Episode #1: Belle’s Bizarre Bottled Bath Water


~ Arun

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  1. Reply

    Oh my. Now, I will go back to marketing my braided chest hair bracelets.

    1. Reply

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ll take 2.

    • James Stowell
    • July 8, 2019

    Ok, sex is a huge industry. I doubt that her business model would work for me a 60 year old male. I doubt anyone would buy my bath water. For those of us who aren’t sexy what do you propose?

    1. Reply

      LOL… use a royalty free image of a pretty lady and go for it. But seriously, just find your niche and sell them what they want.

    • doria
    • July 9, 2019

    Hi Arun, you made my day!!!! I couldn’t have found this genius”s page myself if I spent all day. I definitely can learn a thing or 2, or 3 from her. You are right she is genius. Whoever thought you could sell bathwater (not throw it out?)

    • Patti
    • July 9, 2019

    very interesting! Thank you for sharing, Arun! To the truth and beyond!

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Patti.

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