One of the BEST Courses I’ve Ever Bought!

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About a year or so ago, I purchased Susie and Kate Rieger’s ‘From Overwhelmed To Mastery‘.
Check Out From Overwhelmed To Mastery

This is a niche site training course that’s gives you a solid foundation in building niche sites that rank and how to monetize them.

After buying this course, I was too busy to apply it… UNTIL… one guy on my list told me he wanted to build a niche site but didn’t know what to do.

So, I decided to help him out… and I applied everything I learned from Susie’s course. We created about 10 blog posts, made about 4 videos and put it up. I didn’t charge this guy 5 cents.

I was just curious to see if the training would work.

In the first month, nothing happened. In the second month, nothing happened. The guy whom I was helping got bored and told me to run the site myself. He actually ditched me and disappeared.  HAHAH!

But here’s what happened… I changed a few of the details in the site and made it mine. I then forgot about the site and moved on.

In the 4th month, I received an email saying that I had a $12 affiliate sale. I looked at it and said, “Hmmm… where did this sale come from?”

I did some checking and saw that it was from the little niche site… and after that, every 2 weeks or so, I’d get a sale.

I’ve NOT touched the site and it has made close to $800 so far just from affiliate sales.

This is purely from 100% free methods that I followed in the course. I’ve not driven any traffic or anything. The blog only has about 10 posts or so.

I’ll be going back to it and will add several more posts. I’ve just been occupied with other things.

But here’s what mattersSusie and Kate’s training WORKS!

I’ve tested it, and if I say it works, you can take it to the bank.

If you’re a PLR buyer, you MUST know what they’re teaching here so that the PLR content you’re using actually ranks and gets sales.

The key to succeeding with your niche site is to understand site optimization, siloing your site and all the other little details that matter… and Susie and Kate have covered so much of it in depth and detail.

You really do have to check it out. It’s pricier than the usual cheap ass infoproducts that litter the market… but that’s because it is really good.

This course will help you to build your skills… and your skills are what really matter. That’s how you make an income online. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Check Out From Overwhelmed To Mastery Now

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