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Insider Secrets to Launching Your Own Internet Marketing Products

  OK! Creative ol’ Arun made a meme yesterday. Yes, yes… I’m hilarious. You’re welcome. But here’s the thing… this meme hits the nail right on the head. Almost always, when I’m speaking to someone who has been fiddling away online for a while and hasn’t made a cent – I know exactly how the […]

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How to Effortlessly Create a Profitable Info Product (Without Sh*tting a Brick)

Warren Buffet probably said it best – “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” It doesn’t matter whether you work a job you hate (with a boss you hate even more)… OR… you run a business offering services – you’re STILL limited by the […]

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Ultimate 30-Day Product and Branding Challenge

If you’ve always wanted to create and sell your own products but never knew where to start, guess what? I’ve got your back… as usual. Charles Harper has done a 30-day challenge, and he made 17 videos to show you what to do and how to stay on track. Watch the videos below and follow […]

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One of the BEST Courses I’ve Ever Bought!

About a year or so ago, I purchased Susie and Kate Rieger’s ‘From Overwhelmed To Mastery‘. Check Out From Overwhelmed To Mastery This is a niche site training course that’s gives you a solid foundation in building niche sites that rank and how to monetize them. After buying this course, I was too busy to […]

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How To Write Better and Faster Using MS Word

I’ll keep this short because I’m a man of few words. Saw what I did there? My comic genius is truly next level. Anyway, the 20 training videos below will show you how to use Microsoft Word better. If you like the video training below, you can get PLR rights to it from Charles Harper, […]

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How To Start Selling On Udemy In 2 Hours

OK! I’m not going to waste time and spout my usual drivel.  I just got started on Better Call Saul, and I need to go finish the season ASAP… but before that… If you wish to sell on Udemy, but you be damned and have no idea where to start – the training videos below […]

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How to Create a Membership Site and Make Passive Income!

After doing this online thing for 3 years, I’ve finally come to the realization that one of the best ways to achieve stability in your online income is to have recurring sales. Just shows you how quick on the uptake I am. While launching products can bring in a sudden influx of cash, after a […]

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Speed Publishing with Kindle | From Basic to Advanced

So, you want to be an author but no one wants to publish your c̶r̶a̶p̶  book… No worries. You can publish it yourself on the Kindle platform. All levity aside, Kindle publishing is a very lucrative and rewarding business model, once you get it right. Most beginners trip up because of all the steps and […]

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How to Discover and Conquer Profitable Niche Markets

Yes, I’m back with another training. I’m really on a roll these days and even starting to scare myself. Anyway, today’s topic is about discovering and conquering profitable niches. Very important topic! I actually wrote a free guide on this topic sometime back. You can download it here. Free guide, free training, free everything… I’m […]

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How to Create Amazing Documents with Google Docs

So, you want to use Google Docs but don’t have a clue about it. No worries. I’m just as lost as you. Luckily, my good friend, Tania Shipman from Business Automation 101 has made a video showing us how to use it. She took one of my PLR articles which was… ahem… a masterpiece to […]

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