How To Get Started With Windows 10 In Just Minutes From Now!

Yes, yes… we’ve all been there. Windows does crash every now and then. To make matter worse, just when you need to do something important online, it decides to go and update itself. Grr! Once that happens, you might as well go on a short vacation. That said, most of us use Windows and if […]

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How To Organize & Work Smarter With Office 365

Nope… no memes or jokes today. I can’t be clowning around 365 days a year. Ack! I did it again. Anyway, if you use Office 365 and want a better understanding of how it all works, watch the 20 videos below. If you like the video training below, you can get PLR rights to it […]

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How To Present Your Idea Effectively Using Powerpoint

Yes… a new lame meme… and you know what that means… It means I’ve got some new training for you. If you’ve always wanted to use Powerpoint but you had no idea how to… the 20 training videos below will get the point across in a powerful way. Yes, I did it again. If you […]

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How To Write Better and Faster Using MS Word

I’ll keep this short because I’m a man of few words. Saw what I did there? My comic genius is truly next level. Anyway, the 20 training videos below will show you how to use Microsoft Word better. If you like the video training below, you can get PLR rights to it from Charles Harper, […]

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How To Organize and Manage Huge Amounts Of Data Using MS Excel – Quickly and Easily!

Struggling to excel with MS Excel? (Yes, that’s about how good my humor gets today.) No worries. The 20 training videos below will sort you out. If you like the video training below, you can get PLR rights to it from Charles Harper, and use it on your own blogs or add it to your […]

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How To Create, Design And Edit HTML Pages Quickly & Easily!

Listen! There’s no easy way to say this… if you want to be an online marketer, you’ll need to know HTML. While you don’t have to be an expert at it, knowing basic stuff like how to edit and add HTML is essential to making tweaks and changes to your sites, etc. It doesn’t matter […]

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How To Get Started With Cpanel

Argh! Cpanel! The control panel that makes so many marketers’ sphincters tighten. What most people don’t know is this – Cpanel was never designed for ordinary marketers like us. It was meant to be used by proficient web developers who managed websites for their clients or big companies. The interface has barely changed since its […]

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How to Create Amazing Documents with Google Docs

So, you want to use Google Docs but don’t have a clue about it. No worries. I’m just as lost as you. Luckily, my good friend, Tania Shipman from Business Automation 101 has made a video showing us how to use it. She took one of my PLR articles which was… ahem… a masterpiece to […]

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4 Reasons Why You MUST Use Pretty Links!

Don’t panic yet! I’m not going to ask you to buy Pretty Links. It’s a free plugin and this post is going to give you 4 reasons why you need to use it on your blogs, sites, etc. If you have no idea what Pretty Links is, it’s a link shortener. For example, if you […]

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How I Created a 3,415-Word Report in 15 Minutes!

Wow! My first blog post and my very own domain name (named after me which effectively guarantees that no one else will remember how to spell it.) Watch out! I’m coming up in this world. I just need to remember to pay my hosting on time. Anyway, if you’re on my list, you’d have received […]

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