Thinking of Becoming a PLR Seller? – Read This First!

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Let’s get started…

One of the most common misconceptions in the ‘make money online niche’ is that many people think that becoming a PLR seller is a quick & easy way to make a big bucks.

I see this ALL THE TIME… which means it’s time for a reality check and a wake-up call.

About a year or so ago, Liz Tomey had a course teaching people how to become PLR sellers… and suddenly, the market was awash with everybody and their grandma selling PLR.

One established PLR seller wasn’t really happy about the competition. She PMed me and said that things are getting bad. I told her not to worry. The cream always rises to the top.

One year later, 99% of the people who burst on to the scene are nowhere to be seen… and it’s the same ol’ PLR sellers who are still around… and as usual, I was right.

Here’s what so many noobs don’t know – selling PLR is hard work.

This is NOT a side hustle… (at least not until you have systems in place.)

If you want a reputation, flexibility and longevity in the business, you MUST be prepared to be in this for the long haul.

Knowing the mechanics of launching PLR is only 30% of it.

Everything else depends on keeping up with what is trending, being savvy enough to angle your content in a way that appeals to marketers… and MOST IMPORTANTLY, your research must be on point and you must be able to write with flair.



People used to say and still say, “Oh… selling PLR articles is dead. It’s gotta be biz-in-a-box stuff now!” … and yet, I can sell hundreds of copies with a front end of just 25 PLR articles.

It’s here that so many people drop the ball. They look at what everyone else is doing and blindly follow them. They think that they can take the easy way out and outsource the writing to someone else… and they can.

But at what price?

The wanker who is being paid to write for you will only do some superficial research and just write a fluffy piece that’s all foam and no beer.

Over and above that, you’re just another client that he/she needs to ‘process’ and get over and done with. They will NEVER be invested in your business.

The problem with this industry is that most PLR buyers are El Cheapos. So, paying more for a good writer will mean charging higher prices for your PLR while the costs eat into your profits.

You may even end up in the red if the product doesn’t sell well… and it probably won’t if the price is higher than the usual $7 to $17.

PLR sellers like Liz Tomey and I have tried our best to correct this problem… but have failed.The masses want cheap ass content. That’s how it is. If you charge higher, your earnings drop.



To get around this problem, so many PLR sellers hire cheaper writers who do the bare minimum. BIG MISTAKE!

As a result, their content will never be as good as it could be… and if you’re using different writers, there will be inconsistency in the writing style.

Your customers will be able to tell the difference even if they’re cheap. They may not be able to write for nuts, but like they say… you don’t need to be able to cook good food to taste it.

All the best PLR sellers usually write their own content. Success leaves clues… and this one is staring you right in the face.

Besides content that’s not up to par, outsourcing the writing also curbs your earning potential as far as PLR goes.

You’ll be limited to either launching PLR or promoting other people’s PLR… or gasp!… coaching. That’s it.

Since you’re not a writer, you can’t go into other profitable stuff like selling limited content because your outsourcing costs will eat into your profit margins. The juice just won’t be worth the squeeze.

I could easily write 5 Survival articles and limit them to 5 copies each and make $125 within 2 hours. It’s impossible to do that if you’re outsourcing your writing.

I’ve done just about everything from articles to ClickBank reviews, CB lead magnets, video PLR, autoresponder emails, infographics. etc.

Being able to write your own content gives you more flexibility and opens many doors for you… and you can do it FAST without searching high and low for a freelancer who is worth a damn.

While you can outsource the content and launch twice a month, kiss every affiliate’s ass and make money… you’ll never really be sought after as a PLR seller.

You’ll always be on the launch wheel. It will be like another part-time job that you grudgingly do without any real passion just to see a few dollars coming in every month.

The truth of the matter is that everyone can sell PLR… but NOT everyone can become a PLR Seller.

If you truly want to succeed in this business, learn to research and write well. Practice, practice, practice. Everything else is secondary.

These skills when mastered will serve you well, and if you’re consistent… no matter who comes and goes in the business, you’ll still be the cream that rises to the top.


* If you are a good writer and wish to really learn the mechanics of profiting from PLR, you should check out Chad Eljisr’s White Label Masterclass. It’s the most in-depth course on profiting with PLR in the real world.


~ Arun

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